Investor Relations

  • The Investor Relations Unit has been tasked with in order to protect the rights of share holders who do not have a say in the administration, ensure that they have up-to-date information about the company, and increase communication between the company management and shareholders.
  • With this content, the Investor Relations Unit:
    • Responds to the written and oral information requests of share holders about the company, with the exception of information that is not disclosed to the public and is confidential and trade secret.
    • Ensures that the General Boardmeeting is held in accordance with the applicable legislation, the original contract and other in-house regulations.At these meetings, they prepare the information and documents that shareholders can use. It keeps records of voting results and preparesreports on theseresults.
    • It fulfills the duties related to the public disclosure within the scope of the legislation and company disclosure policy.
  • Contact
    • Investor Relations Specialist : Taner Sanatsever
    • Tel : (212) 416 59 96
    • Fax: (212) 416 59 98