Major Area of Activity

  • The major area of activity of Derluks Deri is menswear products. In this regard, it is the leading company in the sector. EMILIANO ZAPATA brand’s appreciation and awareness are increasing in the world of fashion. Besides the quality and pricing policies, importance to brand promotion is also given , and in the past few years, Oscar-winning actor Adrien Brody has become the advertising face of the company.
  • However, since the share of men’s leather garments in total leather garments is limited, after 2016, all kinds of leather garments have been produced for well-known brands.
  • This diversity has given its results in a short time. The company has reached the end consumer in nearly thirty countries in Asia, Europe, America and the Far East. In 2016, DERLUKS DERİ was the 36th company, in the leather goods export group ( including garments, leather craft, bags and shoes) In 2017, it was again among the top 10 exporters in the all leather products group and received the Export Gold Award. In 2018, of the total export volume 297 million USD in the fur and leather industry, with 13 million USD export, DERLUKS was among the top 10 exporters again.
  • Managing the production process with ISO9001 (Quality Assurance), the company has ISO18001 (Work Safety), ISO10002 (Customer Satisfaction), ISO14001 (Environmental Safety) certificates.
  • The production is made in a 3100 m2 closed area, integrated with employment of 90 personnel
  • There is no significant legal process that could affect the financial structure, production and sales of the Company.