Affiliate Company


  • Founded in 2012, Boran Meşrubat Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. was purchased in 100% in 2014 and became a subsidiary of the company.
  • The reason for investing in this company is to reduce the risk of market contraction and cash flow delays that may occur in the leather garment manufacturing sector, through a sector and a company that can produce cash fastest.
  • The capital of Boran Meşrubat is all cash paid 10.000.000 TL.
  • The company has been a distributor for market leader brands in the FMCG sector. These brands are; Erikli, Nestle Su, Dimes, Freşa and Tuborg (95% of the total revenue) and the secondary sales products are Beypazarı ve Özkaynak Soda, Capri, Doğanay Şalgam, Redbull, JustPower Enerji and Doğuş Çay. These secondary products, which make up 5% of the total sales volume, vary according to the developing effects of the field.
  • The company operates with a facility with 2.750 m2 closed and 1.200 m2 open area, 46 personnel and a total of 30 vehicles.
  • The balance sheet of Boran Meşrubat, is 100% consolidated with Derluks Deri.
  • Boran Meşrubat is the 3rd largest among Erikli distributors and the 5th largest among Tuborg distributors in Turkey
  • There is no significant legal process that could affect the financial structure and sales of the Company.